Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Nail files, devotion and a husbands love.

My fingernails are very soft, so they do not break, they tear. Well I tore one last night, leaving me to be irritated by the rough prickly break. Before bed I asked him to please get me an emery board so I could deal with it. He agreed since he was going shopping in any event.
Now please notice what I said in that last paragraph. I said specifically
An Emery Board
My darling loves me. I know this. But sometimes it slips my mind the extent to which he loves me. Because he clearly heard me say
An Emery Board (as in 1)
So what did he bring me?
And these are, of course, emery boards plus foam-core shapers, an orange stick and a glass nail-file.
And being as graceful as I am, what did I say? I said,
"Holy shit! That's a lot of nail-files! Why'd you bring me so many, baby?"
His reply: "I wanted to be sure that you have the exact type you need. Besides...
you had to have this one because it matches your comb." Did I mention that this was in 37*C heat during a heatwave, and he was fighting a damaged ankle?
I saw him first!
I married him!
Back off, bitch, he's mine!
Have a pleasant evening.